Atul Khatri


I’m a 40+ guy, we're talking about my age not IQ. A Mumbai based businessman who got up late in life and decided to do English Stand-up comedy so that I could tick it off my bucket list. An Indian Computer Engineer and a British Management Scholar who always orders soup one by two even when I’m eating alone.

CNN-IBN rated me as one of the top 20 Comedians in India to watch out for.

I also won the 'CEOS GOT TALENT' trophy competing against 11 other CEOs.

  • Invited to perform at the prestigious Utrecht International Comedy Festival in the Netherlands & Belgium in 2014
  • Performed for a fund raiser in San Francisco for the prestigious American India Foundation
  • Invited to perform at the Indian Independence Day Celebrations in Hong Kong in 2014
  • The first Indian to be invited to perform in the 8th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival held in 2014
  • Invited for the 1st ever Dubai International Comedy Festival in 2015 which included other artists like Trevor Noah, Dave Chapelle and many international artists
  • Performed globally in countries like USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kuwait, UAE, Nigeria, Malaysia
  • Acted in commercials, both digital and TV
  • Emceed / hosted numerous award functions by infusing comedy into them
  • Performed in over 400 shows – corporate, college and private. Love to perform at women’s kitty parties

How I Started Comedy

My Mid-Life Crisis

I was successfully running my own IT business. It was fun but got monotonous after a point. My wife continuously pushed me saying that I was meant for something more than this. But at that point I didn’t know for sure that it was going to be stand-up comedy. I wanted to try bartending because I could mix drinks well but then I was too lazy to take up the course on Sunday afternoons. Then I thought of taking up DJ but even that didn’t work out.

While I was figuring out what to do with my life, I kept posting jokes on Facebook just as a comic-relief. There, I realised I have a sense of humour which people appreciate. I got positive feedback and a lot of support from family and friends. So I took a New Year resolution & signed up for an ‘open mic’. I still remember that night. My hands were sweating, my legs were shivering and my throat became dry but I managed to win that 4-minute slot. Yay! That experience was so enriching and addictive that after that just went on and on and on. That's how it all started.